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RNRW Enterprise is a company known for event planning and cultural understanding. Her name is; Ashley Carrington is a well-educated RNRW Enterprises business owner that qualifies to help people understand cultural appropriation. We encourage all of our customers to stay well informed regarding new tips, tricks, habits, and findings that could benefit the lives of everyone in general. Check out these fascinating events for information that could impact everyone.
This project was a group effort guided by her and what she wanted for her company to grow. 
This company, made by Ashley Carrington, asked to help her out with her website to create a more welcoming way for her customers to join and relate to her in a way she can help with their needs for event planning. 
To provide a better understanding of what she required on her website. As I was, working on this website along with my partner. I planned out the elegant and simple look of the website. We also planned to work with wix.com to give her a start so she can provide her domain for her company. Someone first created the logo and then added a dark color to the colorful logo. The next was adding in her navigation for the information that we did have provided.  

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