Created with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.
The 16th Annual Orchid Society Show is a well known Society for ladies who's share an interest in a company of Orchids flowers. The triangle Orchid Society held its 2022 show this spring and introduced the kind orchid variety by the ladies. Meet the sponsors’ of Orchid of the year “The Ladies Bloom. For the client I chose the options of a flyer, Facebook post and a tote bag for their new members. I chosen these items for the client because these are the most common for a business. These will provide the business to bring more people to join. 
I created an logo and the start with because in order to create the flyer and the social media post and tote bag. I created an image campaign to promote more ladies. 

The branding advertisement of a logo and a media advertisement fI designed for 16th Annual Orchid Society Show. All of the women who join the show to bring more of a company. 

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